2:14pm January 8, 2012
  • Plays: 21
  • Artist: The Extraordinary Contraptions
  • Album: Scratch the Aether
  • Track Name: False Pleasantries


      Welcome back all, hope everyone enjoyed their New Years celebrations, I know I certainly did. But, moving forward, I have for all you lovely ladies and dashing gents “False Pleasantries” by The Extraordinary Contraptions off of their album “Scratch the Aether”. The E.C. hail from Atlanta, Georgia and produced their first album “Inappropriate on Purpose” in 2009. Their second album “Scratch the Aether” was released in 2010. The band consists of guitarist, Aelus Kristof von Stadberg, bassist, Dimitri von Stadberg, percussionist, Corbin Able Welch, and on the keys, Sephora Bostwick.

     It is easy on first listen to just write off “Scratch the Aether” as a rock album, with nothing much else to it. One would be mistaken to think this. The Extraordinary Contraptions have managed to create a unique sound, between the rough guitar riffs, and a peppering of real life steampunk sound done in a way unique to the band. While it still does retain a rock feel, and is definitely rock, it is more than certainly steampunk. The underlying hints of bass, keyboard, accordion and vocal stylings flavor the music with that distinctive steampunk feel. The band themselves described it as "rock-and-roll aesthetic meets the steampunk DIY ethic to produce a unique sound and visual sensation". As for how well this technique works out, let’s just say I had a terrible time picking out a song off the album due to the fact that every single song had a unique reason for being my pick of the week. 

     I did however manage to decide on “False Pleasantries”, which was the song so stuck in my head that I began humming it at work. It also displays all of the important aspects of The Extraordinary Contraptions from their gritty guitar sounds, perfect percussion to the crooning of Aelus, Dimitri and Sephora, who all provide vocals at some point or another. I really love this idea of the song as well, as the Victorian era was full of false pleasantries. It’s a lovely steampunk ideal to rebel against the false pleasantries, to tire of them. Not only that, the lyrics are exceedingly captivating. 

 You can purchase The Extraordinary Contraptions album “Scratch the Aether” on itunes, on The Extraordinary Contraptions official website or on BandCamp. The E.C. also have a third album in production, to be released sometime early this year. You can be sure, when it’s out, I’ll be providing my retrospects.  

One last thing, if anyone has spotify I made a playlists of all the songs I reviewed this past year that you can go to here . I’m looking for a better place to host the playlist, so hopefully I’ll have that out soon, enjoy!